The 24 Flavor System

The 24 Flavor System offered by Wadden Systems24 Inc. is an ideal solution for ice cream shops that want to attract more customers and increase their profit. By offering 24 flavours of soft serve, customers can choose from a wide range of options, which not only keeps them coming back for more but also increases their frequency, thereby boosting the shop’s profit.

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Founded in 1993 by Rita Wadden, Wadden Systems has been providing the 24 Flavor System to ice cream shops worldwide, with a significant presence in the USA and Canada.

Wadden Systems takes pride in using only the highest-quality ingredients, resulting in delicious, sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly flavours that are a great option for those seeking a healthier alternative. It is therefore no surprise that our customers are voted the best of the best .

With at least 450 shots of extracts in each bottle, the system is a cost-effective solution for businesses, allowing you to transform a large amount of base product into a flavoured one.

Wadden Systems has over 88 flavours to choose from, with classic and tropical flavors, as well as refreshing mint and lemon flavors, and unique flavors such as Guava, Chocolate Jalapeno, and Chai Tea.

There is also a dedicated selection of vegan flavors!

Pomegranate Ice Cream - 24 flavors of Soft Serve System
Pomegranate – one of the 24 Vegan Flavours available

The highly concentrated flavor extracts transforms the vanilla base product into a delicious flavored ice cream, keeping customers coming back for more, increasing both their frequency and your profit per serving.

Incorporating mix-ins such as fresh fruit or chocolate chips allows you to charge a premium, creating a mouth-watering and profitable premium product that caters to a diverse customer base, with an incredible array of menu options.

Upon receiving the unit, all you have to do is plug it in, and you will be ready to serve 24 flavors of soft serve. The system comes with everything you need, including flavor extracts, mixing cups, mixing caps, pumps, cleaning cups, wax paper squares, as well as outdoor and indoor signs on consignment.

You can find a demo to the 24 Flavor System here

The 24 Flavor System is easy to use and maintain, designed to be user-friendly that make it easy to operate. It also comes with a cleaning cup, which makes cleaning an easy task. Parts for the system, such as the exclusive mixing cup A3001, are available at no cost when you utilize Wadden’s Rebate Flavour Coupon*.

Parts 24 Flavor System - Mixing Cup A3001
Mixing Cup A3001 – Available Free of Charge*

The Flavors extracts also work extremely well with the 9 Flavor automatic ice cream machine from Electro Freeze.

Automatic 9 flavor soft serve machine -

Unlike other vendors, Wadden Systems did not participate in the yogurt “gold rush” boom but continued to provide the same high-quality flavors extracts, it has offered for over 30 years, which are guaranteed fresh and dispatched from their central warehouse.

And if you are also creating baked goods, these same delicious extracts work exceptionally well with Cupcakes, Cupcake Fondant, Donuts, Cakes, Icing and Ganache. Many creative bakers have been incorporating these flavor extracts to add unique and delicious flavors to their baked goods as well as Slush and Shakes.

With the 24 Flavor System in your store, reordering flavors is a breeze. You can conveniently place your orders online or by calling 800 392 3336 or 514 481 1189. Wadden System’s dedicated Customer Service Representatives offer exceptional customer service, and their Sales Team is always ready to help you to expand your business.

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